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Bryan Wachs

Grand Junction, Colorado Area
Bryan Wachs here, Co-founder and Chief Executioner of MySalesButler.com, a "co-op" of solopreneurs, freelancers etc., performing internet sales and marketing services for flat-fees.

Originally, we built this model for Lycos' service divisions and after a merger, they abandoned the model so we were able to take pick it up. We formed a new company with a cooperative model as we saw this trend coming but watched platforms like UpWork, Fivrr, etc. grow and only a few people got rich vs. all the solopreneurs who comprised the workforce.

We believe that since this is the new construct, and we see big corporations taking advantage of the trend to their advantage while the contractors who create the value get nothing. No benefits, no "exit".

So our model is to build one brand, where everyone gets pro-rata share of the profits, whether they are w2 or 1099, based solely on their 'salary' from the platform. So we treat external people no different than internal people. This way we can control quality, remove the confusion of hiring and vetting a freelancer. The customer ultimately wants a specific result from a human, so they just buy that. No hours, just results.

Freelancers who are experts in their niche can take a test, be supervised and earn internal ratings from the quality and timeliness of their deliverables. They can take more and more work based on these internal ratings so they can grab gigs from the customer queue as they desire. We then Q/A their work before ultimately delivering to a customer.

So, as you see, we are building a platform for this new normal, and hope to provide the benefits to the freelancers that would be commensurate with someone working for a large corporation. Using our combined buying power, we can act like a big corporation and provide scale while sharing the success.

Well, that's our mission.