Vail Film Festival has ended
Friday, March 27 • 1:30pm - 3:15pm
Shorts Program 1: Notorious

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Filmmakers in attendance

RT 17 Mins
Director: Michael Konyves
Writer: Michael Konyves
Producer: Michael Solomon
Starring: Ricky Mabe, Marcel Sabourin, and Paul Giamatti
Description: Greg is on assignment, making a short documentary, to learn about the secret longings of everyday people by asking them this question: “If you had a magic goldfish that could grant you three wishes, what would you wish for?” But Greg is not prepared when he meets an elderly man named Serge who we learn has been wrestling with the exact same question for years and is desperate not to lose his only friend-- an actual talking, wish granting goldfish.
CO Premiere

RT 24 Mins
Director: Mariana Youssef
Writers: Mariana Youssef and Adolpho Veloso
Producers: Adolpho Veloso, Mariana Youssef, Krysse Mello, René Sampaio
Starring: Deepak Dhadwal, Utkarsh Mazumdar
Description: The notice of an old friend that is just about to die brings Amar back to India 40 years after he left, in order to deliver a mysterious box.
CO Premiere

Bodies in Irreversible Detriment
RT 25 Mins
Director: Ben Lazarus
Writer: Ben Lazarus
Producers: Ben Lazarus, Modeste Slywka
Starring: David Johansen, Mark Margolis, Jason Shelton, Nicole Vogt-Lowell
Description: Horatio has Body Integrity Identity Disorder, where people seek to amputate appendages to make themselves whole. He joins a group for dealing with the affliction, thus meeting Sarah, a quirky BIID sufferer. Both intertwine in an attempt to find themselves, while making sense of their disorder and their environment.
CO Premiere

RT 5 Mins
Director: Zoe Lubeck
Writer: Zoe Lubeck, Charlie Lubeck
Producers: Zoe Lubeck, Miden Wood, Charlie Lubeck
Starring: My dog Lucy
Description: This is a story about a girl and her dog.
CO Premiere

Martian American
RT 20 Mins
Director: Lee Citron
Writers: Lee Citron & John Barr
Producer: Trevor Worley
Starring: Dominic Conti, Patty Orozco, Amelia Brantley, Connor Marx, Sam Yim, Heather Moiseve
Description: A lonely Martian travels to Los Angeles to start a new life and make new friends, but when faced with adversity, culture shock, and self doubt, he struggles to find the courage to stay.
CO Premiere

RT 20 Mins
Director: Renny Maslow
Writers: Adrian Wenner, Ethan Sandler
Starring: Adrian Wenner, Ethan Sandler
Two friends pedal across a post-apocalyptic landscape on a tandem beach cruiser and face the question: when oil runs out, where exactly is the line that society can cross before it ceases to be a society at all?

Friday March 27, 2015 1:30pm - 3:15pm
Cascade 2 1300 Westhaven Dr, Vail, CO 81657

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